nexmo-php v2.3.0

This release contains a major milestone where all the code is now under the \Vonage namespace! Do not worry though, any existing code using the \Nexmo namespace will still continue to work thanks to a new vonage/nexmo-bridge package which will translate between the two namespaces. The next time you update your Nexmo client to this or any subsequent 2.x releases, your code will continue to work with no changes.

It is recommended to start using the \Vonage namespace in any new code you create, but even new features added (like our PSD2 feature in this release) will work under either namespace. Developers will be able to update at their own pace.


  • Support for the PSD2 Verify endpoints for EU customers
  • vonage/nexmo-bridge as a dependency so \Nexmo namespaced code works with the new \Vonage namespace
  • Calls using \Vonage\Client\APIResource can now specify headers for individual requests


  • Namespace changed from \Nexmo to \Vonage for all classes, interfaces, and traits


  • Base URL overrides were not being pushed up properly
  • JSON payload for transferring via NCCO or URL was malformed