nexmo-java v5.0.0


  • Added support for updating account settings (delivery receipt URL and inbound SMS URL)
  • Added support for Async Number Insights by setting the property async and callback on the AdvancedInsightRequest object.
  • Add ringback support to the onAnswer part of the PhoneEndpoint.


  • Changed from Auth0 to the Nexmo JWT Library.
  • Renamed the com.nexmo.client.applications package to com.nexmo.client.application
  • ApplicationClient now supports the Applications v2 API. This change has resulted in some backwards incompatibility.
  • NexmoClientException is now a RuntimeException. The various sub client methods will still declare that it is being thrown, but it is no longer a requirement to catch the exception. Additionally, the IOException that was being thrown in each method has been converted to a NexmoResponseParseException to more accurately reflect when it is thrown. This is also an unchecked exception and catching is no longer required.
  • The NexmoUnacceptableAuthException will now add which parameters are missing instead of which internal auth methods.