nexmo-android v1.0.3


  • change signature of NexmoClient.login(), remove NexmoRequestListener<NexmoUser> parameter
nexmoClient = new NexmoClient.Builder().build(context);
nexmoClient.setConnectionListener(new NexmoConnectionListener() {
      public void onConnectionStatusChange(ConnectionStatus connectionStatus, ConnectionStatusReason connectionStatusReason) {
          switch (connectionStatus){
            case CONNECTED:
                //the client is connected to the server - the login successed 
            case DISCONNECTED:
            case CONNECTING:
            case UNKNOWN:
                //the client is not connected to the server - the login failed/not yet successed 


  • fix NexmoConversation.sendAttachment bug
  • fix NexmoAttachmentEvent received from backend
  • fix race condition bug cause drop calls
  • fix bug in push notification