vonage-php-sdk-core v2.6.0


Don't be scared off by this large release! Most of it is under-the-hood syntax cleanup. Thank you to everyone during Hacktoberfest for the cleanup and help with the SDK!

The big addition was we added support for VAPI Language and Style (https://developer.nexmo.com/voice/voice-api/guides/text-to-speech), and fixed a bug when manually setting the Verify code length.


  • #265 - Added support for Language and Style for NCCO Talk action


  • #257 Dropped support for PHPUnit 7
  • #257 Added missing PHPDoc blocks
  • #257 Added missing return type hints
  • #257 Replaced qualifiers with imports
  • #257 Updated and optimized examples
  • #257 Applied multiple code optimizations (especially for PHP 7.2+) and simplified some logic
  • #257 Updated code styling to match PSR standards
  • #257 Re-ordered imports where necessary
  • #257 Updated tests to get rid of deprecation messages
  • #257 Fixed namespace declarations in tests
  • #257 Updated code style to PSR-12
  • #257 Updated phpunit.xml.dist
  • #257 Added Roave Security Advisories as dev-requirement to prevent usage of packages with known security vulnerabilities
  • #257 Replaced estahn/phpunit-json-assertions with martin-helmich/phpunit-json-assert due do compatibility issues with PHPUnit
  • #257 Removed test build for PHP 7.1 in .travis.yml
  • #257 Added missing punctuation in CONTRIBUTING.md
  • #257 Updated contact email address in CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md


  • #265 - Deprecated use of VoiceName for NCCO Talk action


  • #257 Fixed namespaces (Zend => Laminas, Nexmo => Vonage)
  • #257 Fixed condition in Verify\Request::setCodeLength
  • #257 Fixed typos and some wording in README.md


  • Removed examples/ directory as the code snippets repo is much more up-to-date